5 facts about coffee you never knew!

How much do you really know about coffee? Maybe not as much as you might first think to believe…

In this short but eye opening article, I’m going to reveal 5 fun facts about coffee beans that you probably did not know about, so you can increase your knowledge and impress your coffee loving friends with a these facts.

So without further ado, here is the list, enjoy…

1. The coffee bean, is not actually a bean!

If we want to get technical, then coffee beans are not actually beans, they are actually the seed of the coffee plant, which is rather small tree or shrub. Next time you go the the supermarket or see friends and family, ask them if they have any coffee seeds and see what they say.

2. Crazy goats where the first to realise coffee’s magical power

Ethiopian Shepherds first noticed the effects of coffee’s caffinating properties after noticing their goats started dancing around after eating top of the range coffee beans, although that is according to legend, so please don’t quote me on that!

3. The Coffee Belt is where all coffee grown on this planet is from

Coffee requires specific weather conditions for growing, which means all of the coffee’s beans grown on this planet can only be grown in specific regions on earth, which is otherwise known as the coffee belt. As coffee requires lots of warmth and sunshine, it’s safe to say that these tropical destinations would be great for a coffee lovers holiday too, hint hint!

4. The most expensive coffee on earth is actually poop!

Black Ivory coffee, one of the most expensive coffees in the world is made from elephant dung and costs around $50 per cup, where as Liwek or civet is created by feeding coffee beans to mongoose and then extracted from it’s poop, which costs a whooping $160 per pounds, Wowzers!

5. The first webcam in the world was for a coffee pot

Cambridge University scientists placed a camera on their coffee pot back in 1991 and streamed live footage on the internet. This allowed them to see if the pot was empty so they would not waste a trip to find an empty pot, it’s amazing what lengths people will go to for a fresh cup of coffee, don’t you agree!